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The Agency

Turn (Perch)
by Tim Den

Older South Floridians will remember The Agency as an indie/power pop trio led by drummer/vocalist Mike Marsh; most will at least recognize his name and say "Didn't that guy play for Dashboard Confessional?" Turn, the band's third full-length since they came together in the mid-'90s, unfortunately, will not win over anyone not already in those two categories. The songs are not as catchy as the band's earlier material, the lingering smell of Dashboard Confessional-inspired melodies hang on every vocal hook, and the arrangements echo more emo clones than the South Florida '90s scene some of us remember and cherish (i.e. heartfelt but with good helpings of technical know-how). Turn is not bad by any means, however, it's just not exciting enough to garner more than a few listens. If you want to tune in because of where the band are from and/or what other projects The Agency's members have been in, go ahead. But if you're looking for something refreshing, don't place your bets here.


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