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Mental Shrapnel | Vegetarian Porn | column | Lollipop

Mental Shrapnel

Lollipop has a long history of making fun of stupid people, stupid trends, over-hyped movies, TV shows, bands, and anything else we see.

There's no end to the things you can make fun of if you can stop giggling long enough to scribble a one-liner on one of the shut-off notices lying around. That's what they're there for.

Mental Shrapnel is a collection of the the weird mental connections you make and riff on with your friends and laugh until you pee. Do your friends think you're a riot? Well, that's why they're your friends. Send in your brain farts anyway.

by Scott Hefflon
illustration by Doug Mac

Vegetarian Porn

Teen Beet
Apple Asses
Pee Pods
Cornholing Cob
Saucy Tomatoes
Choke Your Artichoke
She Sucks Seeds and All
Beanie Babies
Lettuce Let Us
Blew Berries
Boisterous Berries
Pumpin' Pumpkins
Sweet Pickles
Stuffed Peppers
Beet Off


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