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Duane Peters & The Hunns | Beyond Warped Live Music Series | review | dvd | Lollipop

Duane Peters & The Hunns

Beyond Warped Live Music Series (Immergent)
by Ewan Wadharmi

First, the facetiously genius minds responsible for milking every underage dollar possible from The Vans™ Warped Tour® and their subsidiaries cheat us by cutting off U.S. Bombs mid-performance with Duane Peters mid-split, now, a day late and a dollar short, we're treated to a messy and misdirected performance from Die Hunns featuring Corey "Nashville Pussy" Parks. The shoddy mix puts crap-ass vocals from Peters and Parks way up front, while the musical saving grace is buried in the background. Sounding like a tribute to G.G. Allin, it lacks in both style and substance, leaving only substance abuse. Not content to squeeze out lackluster originals, Die Hunns turn in a pitiful take on Jonathon Richman's "Roadrunner" and an unforgivable slaughter of The Chamber Brothers' classic "Time Has Come Today." And a Van Halen cover isn't even ironically cool to square-heads now.

Things start to pick up around "Tragedy" and "Wild," but what's this? A fadeout on a live recording? Are you shitting me? This ain't E.L. fucking O lip-synching on American Bandstand, this is punk rock, dammit! Viewing the playback on the DVD portion, the fadeouts hide the fact that the audience could give two shits. And while Peters does get into his usual spastic acrobatics, there's just something missing. Oh, that's right, Peters is in love: L-U-V. We get the lowdown in an interview with him and Parks gushing about their on-the-road/off-the-road romance. I can't say I hope they start shooting smack again, but for Peters' sake, someone break these two up!


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