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Olivia Barware Collection | review | product | Lollipop

Olivia Barware Collection

by Dave Dawson

Most artist series barware leaves me flat, but not these beautiful glasses from EroticEtch. Featuring the artwork of Olivia, the world-famous pin-up artist, these glasses are awesome. I've been a fan of Olivia's work for a long time, ever since I saw her paintings on the cover of Heavy Metal. Her inventiveness and sensitivity to the nude female figure is unparalleled. These etchings, while simplified and missing the subtle shading and texture of Olivia's style, have a bold graphic appeal. There are three designs available, each featuring Olivia's signature logo on the reverse.

EroticEtch is a new venture for Crystal Etching, who brought us the Drink with the Living Dead line of glassware. EroticEtch also has barware featuring the artwork of Josh Howard, Uko Smith, Jim Balentand, and others. They've also done custom work for the likes of Coop. They even have a custom glass of Anastasia, a fetish model featured on

The Olivia Barware Collection is limited-edition, only 111, and at $75 (with free shipping), get them before they're gone.


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