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Fangoria Blood Drive | II | review | dvd | Lollipop

Fangoria Blood Drive II

by John Bikowski

Fangoria Magazine presents a DVD collection of some entertaining horror/gore shorts in Blood Drive 2. The chosen films vary in style, tone, and production quality, but they all seem to be done by fans rather than folks looking for a quick profit. Along with the eight short films, you get some cool bonuses: There are commentaries with the directors, a "day in the life" featurette with legend Bruce (Evil Dead) Campbell, behind the scenes with FX wizards KNB, and interactive menus with Mistress Juliya swearing at you.

Here's a quick rundown of the films. All Fall Down is about a little girl accidentally killed by a group of students. They hide the body in an abandoned warehouse and go on with their lives. Years later, the body disappears and the young adults fall victim to some Ring-like scares as the ghost has its way with their quivering flesh. The Gibbering Horror of Howard Ghormley is summed up by the line, "being crazy fucking sucks." This is a highly-stylized black & white journey into the deranged mind of a guy who repeats his visitation to a mysterious house over and over. Means to an End is about renegade filmmakers looking to score the ultimate gross out. They decide that "real gore" is best, so they put themselves through self-mutilation, nutshots with a shovel, a really sick cheese grater on the ass scene, and more. Mainstream you shouldn't watch if you have an aversion to large needles. Here, the viewer is subjected to some weird autopsy table nightmare. Disposer is a pretty funny phone sex scenario. A lonely guy is heading happily into sexual euphoria when the hottie he's chatting with decides to tear herself to bloody pieces. The Journal of Edmond Deyers is about an incredibly hot girl held captive by a dreadlocked, eye-gouging psycho and the ensuing police investigation. Sawbones is a gory story of amputations from the war in 1864. Thank God we have anesthesia nowadays. Working Stiff concerns a disgruntled employee, zombies, and corporate violence. Fun stuff for the strong-stomached viewer.


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