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Pants on Head

by Scott Hefflon

There are some weird people in this world, and thank god for the Internet so every freak can find fellow freak friends without leaving the privacy of their home. is basically an "Am I Hot or Not?" voting site, but, uh, it's not filled with shallow people seeking anonymous approval (I hope to never accidentally discover or or whatever and discover they aren't sites for favorite Rolls Royce snapshots and "the biggest joint I ever rolled" shots.)

Some people just like to put underpants on their head, beam a big goofy smile, and maybe give the thumbs up sign. It's not an excuse to flash skin and pretend you're a model, that's what MySpace is for. Here there are sweet girls, babies, kids, and friends and family gathering together around the camera with big smiles. All with boxers and briefs, panties, and thongs on their heads.

You can vote or skip straight to the gallery section. Count the number of times you ask yourself what the hell these people were thinking. The site hasn't been updated in six months or more, but if you have more than a casual interest in seeing 100 or so photos of people with underpants on their heads, there are probably more active sites out there. And support groups.


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